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You can find all publications to which I have made significant contributions in this ADS library.


  • June 2023 A Taste of Physics and Astronomy - RH23016. Lead organiser: 30 A-level students given a taste of University life, including lectures, admission discussions, and acitivities across the department.

  • May 2023 GWOSC ODW #6. Co-organiser: a hybrid workshop with 2000+ people enrolled, 22 study local study hubs, and 300 active participants. I ran a local study up in London (UK) at the Institute of Physics and the Royal Astronomical Society.

  • May/2020 LIGO-Virgo Collaboration GW Open Data Workshop #3. Co-organizer, invited to write and coordinate the Parameter Estimation tutorials for 100 students (virtual).

  • Nov/2018 OzGrav workshop: Towards O3. Lead organizer, 20 participants from the OzGrav inference program. A software development sprint.

  • July/2018 OzGrav workshop: Introduction to Inference. Lead organiser, 33 international participants. Training in Bayesian inference and software development. Identifying new projects across the OzGrav nodes and themes..


Selected Presentations